About Me

Maggie Razdar

Neuroscience and Positive Psychology Coach

As a neuroscience coach, I work with you to help you understand how your brain is impacting your everyday life. Highlighting the ways in which you are activating the reward systems of the brain, as well as how your earlier life experiences have influenced your behavior, allows me to show you ways to make the changes you want easier to make and sustain. We can also examine the impact of additional factors such as diet, medication and sleep to ensure that we create the optimal conditions to produce the results you’re looking for.




Maggie Razdar


Maggie Razdar is a mother of 2 recent college graduates’ boys. Maggie is a wife, a friend, a daughter, a sister, Founder, creator, Entrepreneur , engineer and a neuroscience Coach.

As a business owner and an executive working with fortune 100 companies for 20 years. Maggie has coached over 500 people nationwide. She is intensely proud of her track record, and of the incredible successes achieved by her clients.

In my former career as a chemical engineer, I specialized in problem-solving. The first step in solving any problem is making sure that you have a clear understanding of exactly what’s wrong.

This attention to detail and my creative approach to solutions allows us to work together to get you the results you want.


Everyone has a purpose. Everyone has meaning.
My job is to help you find and cultivate your purpose and your meaning to enable you to live your life authentically



I see myself as a catalyst for change in others, as well as embracing change and growth within myself. Through experiential learning, individualized feedback and thoughtful reflection we will journey together to achieve your goals and help you find a future that’s brighter than you had imagined.


I am passionate about helping each person recognize and realize their true potential. I want to show you the learned neural patterns that are holding you back and help you to replace them with ones that will unleash your inner strength.


My Values

Compassionate, courageous, driven, integrity and committed to giving a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves.



To help you discover your immense capacity for change and growth. My role is to not change your mind, but rather ask you to be open to exploring potential insights on how you can be more successful in your role in life, personally and professionally by tapping in to the power inside of you.