Addiction Support


Addiction is an incredible struggle, both for those suffering and for the people who love them. I want to reassure you that your feelings are normal. It is also completely normal to have questions and concerns about the process of recovery.

Whether you are struggling with addiction yourself or you are trying to support a loved one who is, I’m here to support you. If you have any questions, or would like to understand more about how I can help, please click the contact button above.

As a certified recovery coach, I am committed to helping clients remain sober and overcome any life challenges that arise during early recovery. Together we will work on personalized wellness plans and risk assessments. With your consent, I am also in constant communication with your family to inform them of your progress as well as ensure that you are receiving the necessary support to succeed. This holistic approach allows me to offer a comprehensive system of support which is considerably more in-depth than the ‘sponsor’ relationship you may be familiar with. I encourage each client to participate in a fellowship, and often reference the 12 steps.