Family Coaching


Family Coaching

As human beings, relationships are a central part of our lives and who we are. Whether you’re thinking of a romantic partner, our family or close friends, we know that relationships can be a source of happiness and fulfillment in our lives.  Unfortunately, they can also be one of the major sources of stress. Why do we often find relationships so hard?

A Scientific Approach

Neuromindly combines evidence from neuroscience, social psychology and counseling to help you understand the relationships you currently have, and how to get towards the relationships you want.

Building Relationships

Relationships with others need to be built on a solid foundation of understanding. The Neuromindly approach helps you to build the kinds of relationships you have been looking for.

  • A fulfilling relationship between spouses
  • A loving and supportive relationship between parents and children
  • A mutually rewarding relationship between family members
  • A caring and deep relationship between close friends
  • A compassionate relationship with yourself

It takes effort to develop and maintain relationships.  Together, we can explore how your background, upbringing and communication style have led you to the relationships you are in.  I will help to guide you towards the self-development, training and resources you need to find joy and vitality in your relationships.

Youth Coaching

Every young person has the capacity to excel, and deserves the chance to do so. I’m passionate about helping young people to develop the resilience and strength they will need to thrive in the world today.  I work with children, young adults and parents to help create the mental patterns and neural processes that will enable young people to fulfill their potential.

Relationship With Your 
  • Children
  • Teenagers
  • Parents

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